It was a Rare Opportunity

To 'See & Hear'

Captivating Stories from the

International Award Winning

Photographer & Cinematographer

“Berriff is a courageous man, very physical in his

methods of seeing and creating images.”

Werner Herzog - International Film Director


Paul Berriff at the age of 16 was training to become a Press Photographer on the Yorkshire Evening Post in Leeds. During his spare time he would be out and about experimenting with his camera techniques and testing his photographic skills. At the same time in 1963 the British 'pop' scene had just arrived so Paul decided to use this exciting time to practice is camera skills. He was allowed backstage at the theatres in Yorkshire where the groups and solo singers were performing and captured on his black & white film most of the newcomers to the rock and pop scene.


Remember The Beatles

Paul Berriff Was There

Remember 9 / 11 Twin Towers

Paul Berriff Was There

Paul Berriff with his

Rolleiflex Camera.


Used to Photograph

The Beatles back in

The 1960's

Paul Berriff Was There

Revisiting Ground Zero


Paul Berriff @ The Galtres Centre

with FOGCC Officials

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