Forest of Galtres Camera Club

Monday 17th October 2016



The expected speaker was unable to attend this week but fortunately there was a more than satisfactory substitute in the form of 2015 winning entries in the Yorkshire Photographic Society Salon competition. This was an event supported by photographers from all over the world – from China to Ukraine, Australia to Canada and many from the United Kingdom. An evening of epic photography from across the globe, people and places and epic natural wildlife behaviour. There were captured moments of action and interaction between man and beast.


There were stunning moments frozen between animals and their prey. There was colour and monochrome; there were portraits of intense mood and of children learning in classrooms bare of resources but still smiling and eager or intensely focused. Images ranged from northern lights to desert glows, from Alaskan sunsets to early morning across an Italian town, from the smiling, enthusiastic smiles of Samburu warriors to a naked female coiled on a huge rock in an image called The Foetus.


Cowboys on horseback reached for cattle at angles to the ground that defied all logic. Motor bikers also defied gravity taking corners with grit and determination etched on their faces. A young boy was captured in mid-air as he back flipped into the river below him and grin across his face.


The quality was as expected very high, the images were crisp in those showing speed of movement or reaction, lighting was often superb. It was also good to see that Richard Egan, who has judged for the club on a regular basis had been rewarded for his entry Golden Circumvolution Steps with a PSA Bronze Medal.


Next week will be Three Gents Night. Club members Pete Dobson, Mike Wallis and John Lister will share an evening of what promises to be quite diverse interests.