Forest of Galtres Camera Club

Monday 20th February 2017



A Miscellany


Vic Brookes and Peter Briggs have great taste in music to support the photographic sequences they shared with members on Monday night. At times feet were tapping; at others, souls were stirred by the music of the Dragoon Guards or moved by a guitar concerto.


The evening began with a visit to Portsmouth and the detail of the Warrior, an iron clad ship, built in 1860 demonstrating the distinct difference of life at sea for the officers and the crew.


Spain provided landscapes and architecture. There were striking images of the distinct Guggenheim Museum, of a bronze statue of Antonio Gaudi seated on a bench with notepad and pencil in hand and Leon Cathedral. All accompanied by the wonderful guitar playing of Rodrigro’s Concierto de Aranjuez.


Knobs and Knockers representing doors and their furniture from the grand to the dilapidated was brilliantly supported by the music of two Swedish sisters called First Aid Kit. Within the song, the chorus repeated appropriate wording of ‘We got to get out of here’.


Many images followed showing aspects of the River Tees and Middlesbrough and Birkenhead. Next, we returned to ships and HMS Victory then fishing boats and the landscape of Mull. Spey beach and its flotsam and jetsam was accompanied by the stirring music of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.


Acoustic Alchemy accompanied a view of northern Spain following an intriguing time spent considering New York and our own city of York.


Many thanks to Vic and Peter for the images shared.


Next week, John Elvin LRPS will judge the entries for the club competition titles, Patterns and Motion.