Forest of Galtres Camera Club

Monday 21st November 2016


Digital and Print Battle

Northallerton v Easingwold













Northallerton Camera Club was well represented in the Parish Rooms on Monday evening ready engage with Easingwold in this battle of photography. Richard Eagan was there too to give his well-informed judgements of the entries from both sides and award each image a score out of twenty. While judging and scoring, Richard had no idea to which club any one image belonged.


The first round involved the digital element of the battle. Richard, his sense of humour never far from the surface, awarded the maximum of twenty to just two digital images of the 24 entered – Llandudno by Easingwold’s David Warner and Jet Ski Waves by Northallerton’s Chris Morton.


Richard appreciated the verticality of the pier structure in David’s image, capturing the moment when the pier was free of people, the cool blue of the sky, the subtlety of the sunset and the use of a long exposure to calm the sea’s movement. He appreciated the overall colour balance of the image. Of the image provided by Chris, Richard loved the tonal range of the image, the light just catching the jet skier’s helmet, the way the rider’s eyes were caught and the splendid impact of the water around him.


At the end of this first round, the scores were lying at 209 for Easingwold and 210 for Northallerton. So very close. 24 print images were judged next. Unfortunately for Easingwold, the club failed to score a single twenty in this section while three of Northallerton’s prints did receive the maximum number of points. Two of their high scoring images had been taken in Japan of macaques and the third was of a blue tit. For the latter, Richard praised the crystal clear image, the tones of the lichen at the bird’s feet, the all-important catch light in its eyes and declared it an outstanding print.


The final score was very close but not close enough. Northallerton had won the battle with 424 points to Easingwold’s 419. A buffet followed which everyone enjoyed.


Next week, Giles Rocholl, a professional photographer based in Tadcaster, will cover Photo Journalism: Past, Present and Future.