Forest of Galtres Camera Club

Monday 24th October 2016


Three Gents Night


Three gents in question were John Lister, Mike Wallis and Pete Dobson each of whom showed images representing their photographic exploits. The evening transported members to Japan and Austria and around our own area observing what we know well through their camera lenses.













John visited Japan earlier this year and provided a well-illustrated documentary of his experiences. He warned members that some of the first images would be disturbing. They were. These were images of Japanese subjected to the horrors of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. This was a reminder of the damage to the human body that such weapons can inflict and in the face of one casualty, the immense mental suffering endured.


John also visited the World Heritage town of Nikko in the Japanese Highlands about 80 miles to the North West of Tokyo. The small town has attracted visitors for many years who come to see the beautiful mountain landscape and the numerous temples. Both Buddhist and Shintoist temples are set on hillsides covered in dense ancient forest. Many are hundreds of years old and mostly constructed of timber. Beautifully carved features are usually painted or covered in gold leaf and show Japanese dragons and animals. The journey from Tokyo takes about 2 hours involving 2 trains, one of which is a super-fast bullet train.


Mike followed with a collection of images taken during a three year period across different areas of photography. Members are already familiar with his skill in capturing great shots of owls in flight and had further opportunity to appreciate Mike’s ability to capture the drama of birds of prey in action. From woodland scenes to Whitby, studies of animals in close up to steam trains and sports cars and from plants to aerobatic displays and much more besides enabled Mike to demonstrate the eclectic mix of his photographic interests. He used monochrome to great effect, and knew when a picture of a poppy would have greater impact when the bright red colour contrasted with a black and white background. He showed his ability to capture engaging moments in young children’s lives as well as coastal scenes and waterfalls.


Peter showed a sequence of images covering a visit to Obergurgl in Austria in 2015. Opening with the beautifully coloured Haflinger ponies leading to the majestic mountains and glaciers of the Tyrol. The second set of images included familiar areas beginning with the market place and moving gradually further afield for example to York, Studley Royal and Castle Howard. Good to see the familiar taken from a less familiar angle.


Many thanks to our three gents for sharing their experiences and photographs.