Forest of Galtres Camera Club

Monday 27th February 2017


Club Competitions

Patterns |||||||||||| Motions


There are four set competition titles each season; entries for Bikes and Storms were judged by John Elvin LRPS last October. John returned last night to judge the remaining two categories, Motion and Patterns. One photograph gained the maximum twenty points with three others of the twenty-five entries gaining nineteen points. For each entry, John recognised the attributes but also indicated the weaknesses which would reduce its score.










Entries from Jill Dobson (Balcony Curves), Pete Dobson (Flamingo Maze) and Kamal Antoun (Spokes and Shadows) each received nineteen points. For Balcony Curves, John liked the regularity created by the many balconies, the sheen they displayed and the contrast with the blue of the sky. Flamingo Maze, he said had two areas of pattern: the legs of the many birds and then the curved surface of each body. John liked the composition of Spokes and Shadows with its contrast between the spokes, the strength of their shadows and the boarding on which the wheel was placed. This, he considered a good original image.


The winning image, Barley, was taken by Ken Proudley. A single head of barley catching sunlight with a softened, non-distracting background created a great curved pattern within the frame of the image.










Motion followed. Three images received nineteen points. One received the all important twenty that was to be the winner of the category.


Pam Pope’s mage called Azure Winger Bee was a well-timed image, capturing the rapid movement of the wings yet the perfectly in focus body of the insect. Peter Rushton provided another bicycle image. This time the pink sock of the cyclist clearly pedalling contrasting with the green of the background; motion further suggested by seemingly ‘missing’ spokes.


Pete Dobson’s Desert Chase showed Finley, a Hungarian Visla, enjoying himself in the desert. John liked the moment captured as all paws were off the ground with a strong shadow below and Finley’s ears adding another sense of motion.


Dave Higgins was the one to score twenty points for The Chase. This was a great image full of movement. John liked the great delight on the young surfer’s face mirrored in the out of focus image of the adult behind him. Dave had set the camera with the right aperture to capture the magic of the moment.


Many thanks to John for his judging and to the winners and runners up in each category.