Forest of Galtres Camera Club

Monday 3rd October 2016









Humour, emotion, enjoyment, amazement are just some of the words that come to mind after seeing Allan Green FRPS Audio Visual presentation at Camera Club on Monday. Some of the several sequences shown brought a smile to your face, others created a sense of wonder, some the reaction of how did he do that. Quality photographs from someone who can take magical landscapes or capture close up detail within the everyday were blended with music or words or both. One, called Thirsty City 2, told the story of the supply of water established in the late nineteenth century between the Lake District and the city of Manchester to meet the needs of its growing population and industry. The sound of a heavy church door creaking open and the footsteps of a lone unseen visitor moving across the stone flags of an unlit church were heard – the sound ceasing as the visitor paused to take a closer look at a beautifully coloured stain glass window or a sculpted figure lying at rest.


A particularly beautiful and soothing sequence was set to the gentle sound of Jules Messenet’s Meditation. Close up studies of a violin blended seamlessly with a range of images from Lakeland landscape to swans. Allan’s inspiration and ideas for sequences flow from a variety of sources. The one for Bein’ Green 2 derived from that song being heard on the radio sung by Kermit the Frog! Allan thought how appropriate; as his surname is Green, he matched the lyrics of the song to images of himself in shades of green with the inevitable Leeds humour coming through when his face gradually resembled a large cabbage. The sound track was not the Kermit version but Frank Sinatra’s.


This was a much enjoyed evening with the master of Audio Visual presentation. Just four of the many images seen are included below to give just a hint of Allan’s photographic skills.

Next week, Richard Burdon CPAGB AFIAP and Janet Burdon will present Inspired.