Forest of Galtres Camera Club

Monday 7th November 2016



Nicole Raynor

Architecture, Abstract, Art Nude


Quite a special evening this week when twenty-two year old Nicole Raynor from York Photographic Society captivated members with her frank and honest approach to photography. Hard to believe that Nicole did not possess her own camera until her 21st birthday. She has great mentors within her own club, she has attended courses and photoshoots but it is her love of stepping away from convention which has made her an already exciting exponent of this art form.


She judges the success of her photographs on the impact they have and whether they make her happy. Within architecture, she looks for less obvious angles and the impact of straight and curved lines within a shot. Much is in black and white and she invariably searches out reflections. Some images show the contrast between old and new. She likes to draw attention’ to the beauty of the world put into a still moment.’


Nicole loves to explore images she has taken through Lightroom, often cropping a great deal to bring out the image she is searching for from a larger canvas. She loves to emphasise textures, tones, lines and colour. A small section of Northumberland shoreline produced several brilliant abstract images that most would overlook as they aimed for the bigger landscape shot. As she explained and demonstrated, she loves to look for a shot within a shot and quoting American photographer Berenice Abbott, ‘Photography helps people to see’ and this is just what Nicole does.


The third section of the evening, Art Nude, gave Nicole the chance to show how the human form can be stunningly and artistically photographed. Most were black and white images accentuating the contrast between the human form and a backdrop of semi-dereliction. As with her abstract work, Nicole likes to accentuate certain aspects of the human form. In one particular shot of the chin and collar bone area of a female model, effective lighting accentuated the curves and hollows of that part of human anatomy.


This had been a refreshing evening of photography. Nicole shared her personal thoughts and feelings about individual images as well as her search for something not seen before. Worth remembering a quote Nicole used by American photographer Ansel Adams, ‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it.’ He also said, ’There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.’


Next week, John Illingworth presents ‘All in the Mind.’